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Pastor Genvieve
& Ronald Stauch

Our Story

After pastoring in Ohio for 23 years, Father God called Pastors Ron and Gen for such a time as this to come to Full Gospel Christian Center in NY.


They have been pastoring at FGCC for 5 years during 2015-2020.


Pastor Ron was the assistant pastor to Pastor Knapp and Pastor Diane, the founders of FGCC. Then Pastor Ron was Senior Pastor.


Pastor Gen worked as the Director of Children’s Ministry.  She did an amazing job while working with the teachers and students.


Pastor Ron will continue as a non-resident Trustee & Advisor to the FGCC team.


Pastor Ron and Gen have now retired to OH to be near family.  

They have been married for 50 years. They have two daughters, Dawn, and Jennifer; 6 grandchildren, 1 great-granddaughter, 1 great-grandson, and a boxer named “Buddy.” 


We wish them both a wonderful retirement – Blessings to Pastor Ron & Gen ! 


I'm always looking forward to meet you and how we can help get you where God wants you to be. Let's connect.


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